“…I urge all members of the Jewish community to fulfill their obligations by registering as soon as possible, and by voting.”

— Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, October 3, 1984

Rabbi Feinstein makes it clear, in his letter shown below, that voting is incumbent on all Jewish citizens.  Votes in the upcoming SORO NC election have inmpact on the continuance and the growth of Jewish organizations in our neighborhood.  And as an incumbent board member I can assure you that the board is constantly dealing nwith issues that affect the local Jewish community.

As Rabbi Feinstein states, voting is a Jewish obligation.  It is not an exclusively Jewish obligation though.  I believe that everyone who partakes of our local and national rights and privileges should take the time to vote.  And I hope that you’ll want to vote for me after you’ve read through this website and have an understanding of my positions and motivations.

As a member of the NC board I try to stand for Jewish values.  But the values I stand for are not exclusively Jewish – they are the values that are shared, regardless of ethnicity or faith.  Every vote has a potential impact on our kids, on our employers and our employees, on our homeowners and our renters and our homeless.  Vote for me to work on behalf of the Jewish constituency, and all of the non-Jewish constituencies.


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