Registration Challenge

How difficult is it to register? I did it in less than a minute, and you can too, if you prepare 1 thing.

You’ll need a photo ID to register.  It can be a driver’s license or other state issued ID. It can be a school ID or a health club membership card. You’ll need a copy in digital form.

If you don’t have a scanner lying around, I recommend just taking a picture of your photo ID with your cellphone. Upload it or email it to your computer.

If you live outside the area – even outside California – no problem, as long as you can state that you have a stake in the community by virtue of your involvement with an organization here (a school or synagogue or church or charity).  I’ve asked if being a member of a “meetup” counts –  and am still awaiting the answer. But you probably already got the idea – the voter qualifications are very broad to encourage broad involvement in this truly grassroots expression of democracy.

If you are too young to vote in general elections, but are 15 or older, you can vote in this election.

So is this a phony election?  Absolutely not – this election is an official city of Los Angeles election, run by the city, monitored by the city, certified by the city. As Tip O’Neil is quoted saying, “All politics is local.”  This is real local politics – and you get to participate.

By the way, real electioneering and ethics rules apply – so I will not be handing out any money within the proscribed proximity of the polling places!

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