April 21, 2016

About Ken

When meeting someone in Los Angeles people often ask “where did you grow up?”

Well, in my case I was born in Philadelphia, attended F.S. Edmonds Elementary, Leeds Jr. High and Central High.  I left Philadelphia for Penn State and then Brown University.  I lived for a while in the Poconos in Pennsylvania and then returned to the Philadelphia area where I joined the nascent Subaru Financial Services (the financial services division of the car company).  While at Subaru I lived briefly back in New England and then in South Jersey. When I left Subaru I helped form Aon Capital Corporation in Chicago, and moved to California to manage a lending subsidiary of Aon. That subsidiary was eventually sold.  I spent a few years consulting, and somehow added a wholesale international travel company to the consulting.  When my company’s focus on Asia became a liability during the SARS epidemic I decided to pursue my love of high-tech, and joined Panasonic Avionics Corporation. More recently I left Panasonic to return to my own business.  Currently I develop software, and am working on a hardware start-up.

So where did I grow up?  I grew up right here in Los Angeles, and I continue to grow up here.

My oldest son, Michael, was born in Chicago.  He now lives in metro Portland, Oregon where he is a prolific blogger.

My daughter Eliana is a “pre-1” student at Bais Chaya Mushka on Pico Boulevard, where her class is a few doors away from my son Aryeh’s preschool classroom at Yaldei Yisroel .

My wife is an early childhood development and education professional who is well on her way to official association with RIE (please call or write and ask me about RIE if you’re curious).

Why re-elect Ken for the SORO Neighborhood Council?soro-desk-480-270

The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) is part of the Los Angeles city government, and has direct influence on community issues which will, over time, directly impact all of us who have a stake in SORO. What kind of issues come before the council?  Some recent examples are: How can we get better management of a local city park, to make it a friendlier, safer place for our kids, families and friends? Should we support a new (eyesore) cell tower installation for the carrier that already claims to have the best coverage in the neighborhood? Should liquor sale hours be extended for a local store?  Should the community support the building of a new synagogue or church or a new housing development?  How can we support more growth of small businesses in our community (while I advocate for small businesses generally, my interest is seeing a growth over many types of businesses and services, and not just medical marijuana and massage stores).  The list of issues goes on and on.

Vote for me because I will approach each vote with core values that reflect my life as a well-educated religious father, husband and businessperson. I want a safe, inclusive and vibrant community for my family and for yours. I want to see our community act as a model for interpersonal decency and responsibility in the way we treat each other – from the poorest to the richest. And my board involvements and actions will always reflect these values. Vote for me.

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